"don't be sleeping on your level cause it's beauty in the struggle"

This lyric from J.Cole’s song, “Love Yourz” has been my mantra from the moment I heard it. In a world of social media and insane levels of comparison, it’s important to appreciate where you are at this point in your life. This is your journey, your story. You can spend your life in a constant state of envy of everyone’s edited version of their existence- measuring your assumed failures against their perceived successes, or you can be grateful for this moment. Being grateful, even when you feel you’re at your lowest point, is a practice and it isn’t always easy- but it is always necessary. Don’t expend your energy focused on other people’s published personas, focus on you… your life. You may find yourself in the midst of a very challenging time, but stay positive, remain grateful and keep going. One day you’ll look back on these transformative circumstances and you’ll realize they were purposeful. You will grow, you will learn and you will succeed, but you cannot give up. xx

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