Heidi Maleky is a freelance makeup artist currently residing in Dayton, OH. While earning her business degree, with a focus in Marketing, she decided to start up her YouTube channel as a hobby. This hobby quickly evolved into a passion which inspired her to enroll in Cosmetology School once she graduated. Cosmetology School was a pivotal point in Heidi’s journey, this is where she developed the skill set to empower other women and help them realize their true potential. Since obtaining her license she’s perfected many coloring techniques such as the art of balayage and color melting.

Learning the skills and techniques to help women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside was the best decision I could have ever made. Hair and makeup go beyond vanity. When a woman feels confident she holds the power to chase her dreams and reach her goals. Every woman harnesses the ability to create a path for herself in this world, and if I can help you take that first step, I will.

Through the evolution of social media Heidi has become a digital influencer; taking what she has and continues to learn, she shares her knowledge with her growing YouTube community. She utilizes her long-lasting HD makeup techniques in fashion shows, photoshoots, and weddings. Whatever the occasion, she will work with you to ensure she creates a look where you feel your most confident self. If you would like to book Heidi for an event or even a hands-on private lesson, click HERE.